A Thought About Raya


Stylish blend of humor, pathos, and non sequitur. Bad theater leaves me craving whiskey and reality TV. After “A Thought About Raya”, I wanted vodka and a fur hat. If that isn’t a recommendation, what is?

-Alison Hallett, The Portland Mercury

A Thought About Raya brings to the stage the violent and darkly comedic spirit of Leningrad artist Daniil Kharms, whose idiosyncratic visions and nonlinear theatrical performances led to his arrest, imprisonment, and eventual death during Stalin’s purges. In a series of colliding scenes, vibrant images and absurd turns frame this performance that is part fable, part dance, and part experience. The complex themes of love, sex, violence, and death pepper this simple story of the search for a voice in the midst of chaos.

The first collaboration of Hannah Bos, Oliver Butler and Paul Thureen, A Thought About Raya premiered in New York City in March of 2004 at the Red Room before transferring to Clemente Soto Velez. The play has toured to Portland, OR, Austin, TX, Hartford, CT and was remounted for a short run at The Brick theater in Brooklyn, NY in November, 2007.

A Thought About Raya will be performing at The Ontological-Hysteric Theater Incubator’s Other Forces Festival as a part of APAP.
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